What he ordered vs what he received vs the hilarious comments

We’ve heard cases where people ordered for something online and received something totally different from their order. For some people it is their tailor delivering a ‘god forbid’ version of the fashion style they wanted to make. This Twitter user shared this hilarious picture of what his friend ordered vs what was delivered.

The replies

The replies to this tweet were damn hilarious

According to @Joysparkle “I think it needs light. Take it to the light”

Another user @olanreniwaju replied with “Its the same thing Just add polish nd starch 😂😂😂”

@AmeboDaniel seems to support Ola’s stance above, he said “It’s d same thing….. Just a little touch of groundnut oil & filter…. And we are good to go.”

@Chukydyk: “This one be like Shoe that was used in Biafran war 😂”

@talk_akan: “Looks like a carpenter made the shoe.”

@souljourna: “Has he tried ironing it?? Juzz askin”

@Geytoboi: “he should soak it for like 5 hours, then dry, iron and add perf”

Checkout the rest of the replies on twitter here

Also do drop your comments in the comment section below, let’s have a good laugh.

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I have heard complaints… I work for an online store
Personally I haven’t gotten such complaints
But the replies are hilarious I must say..
Happy new year

Lol. Happy new year to you too. 🎉

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