Fun trip to the beautiful City of Ibadan


This weekend has been a pretty amazing one for me, a group of Friends and I left Lagos to explore Ibadan and have a first-hand experience of its famed Indigenous dish; Amala. We spent twice the usual time it takes to get to Ibadan from Lagos in traffic, but trust me, it was four hours well worth it. This time was spent warming up to the trip, chat, play and get set to have the time of our lives. by 8 pm, we arrived our hotel in Ibadan and spent an hour settling in, before our hosts and volunteer tour guides @I_pissvodka & @Bhadoosky came to take us out for a time of quality dinner and what eventually turned out to be one helluva night. After dinner in a restaurant at the Mall, we went to Apollo nightclub, the DJ in the lounge deserves a pay raise. The Guy kept reeling out one great song after the other. Elsie, Shawttynatt, and Jokunle mostly sat through this session which lasted from 9pm-11pm.

After spending two hours merrying, it was time to experience a different flavor of Ibadan nightlife, so we left for ‘Switch’ an upscale Club along ring road. When we got to Switch, a Comedy event was going on there, we thought about it and concluded that we were in no mood for comedy, we wanted to dance. It turned out that the host of the comedy show ‘MC Peteru’ was friends with @ThePamilerin & @I_pissvodka, so we decided to stay back and give him some support. The show ended an hour later and we had another hour of dancing and fun to ourselves.

It was time to move on, some people like ShawttyNatt and ElsieIsy wanted us to retire for the night, but Moji & I wasn’t going to have any of that, we didn’t come all the way to Ibadan just to come and sleep by 1:30 am. So off we went to another club named Derock. This time, everyone danced to their fill, except Jokunle who didn’t dance throughout the night (mans was feeling too old to dance smh). Seems Ibadan Babes are independent and love partying alone because I saw about 3 tables of 4-6 beautiful girls wearing skimpy clothes, drinking and dancing without any male companion. Time was ticking and at this point, we were tired and ready to retire for the night.

Day 2 of our Ibadan trip

The previous night, we had agreed to start the next day’s tour by 9 am. I woke up by 7:45 am and by 9 am I was ready to roll, then I heard that our hosts I_Pissvodka & Bhadoosky wouldn’t be at the hotel until at least 30 minutes later. We spent the next hour taking really amazing pictures with Moji & Pamilerin’s iPhone X. Fam, iPhone X Camera is the real deal, I won’t even repeat myself. Our hosts eventually came around by 11 am, then we setout in search of Amala & Fun.

Our first Amala experience in Ibadan was at Mama Adija Amala spot. I am not a big fan of Amala and for a second I considered eating eba instead, but how could I come all the way from Lagos to Ibadan just to eat Eba? I ordered my Amala, ponmo & ogufe (goat meat). Gbedu wey dey burst brain! Damn! Mama Adija Amala was sweet like Sugar.


We left Mama Adija for the University of Ibadan Zoo. I thought the Zoo will be in a state of disrepair, but surprisingly it was in a pretty good shape. We saw animals ranging from birds to Monkeys, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, baboons, Crocodiles, Giraffes, Ostriches, Snakes, Jackal, hyena and the Almighty Lions. the Lions and Crocodiles impressed me the most. When we first saw the crocodiles, they were still & one could even mistake them for lifeless and mummified.

The Zoo attendant made it clear to us that they were well alive and in stealth mode, waiting for an undiscerning prey who will fall victim. Another set of Animals I was impressed with were the Lions, judging by the huge size of the lions we saw, I can only imagine how big & magnificent a Lion in the wild would be. At a point, the Lions roared and all I have to say is, you need to experience this for yourself.

After spending time at the Zoo, we proceeded to the famous Amala Sky. Here we had our fill of Amala, although I still prefer Mama Adija Amala. At Amala Sky, I had a serving of Amala with Egusi soup flanked by two ponmo and fish. We eventually left Amala Sky for dessert at this Ice Cream and Cake place called Paris Confectionary. The Ice Cream couldn’t compare to ColdStone’s of course, but it was far more affordable. At this point, we had seen enough of Ibadan for one trip & it was time to head back to Lagos.


Paris confectionery, Ibadan

While the rest of the tour group left for Lagos, Pamilerin and I stayed back in Ibadan for another night. Pamilerin spent time with some of his Friends, while my Bro @ShawnIfe took me on a mini-tour of the University of Ibadan. The next day, Pamilerin and I dusted our bags and japaaaaaaaa.

The end.

Favour Onyeoziri

Favour has interests which span across creative writing, advertising, and Digital Marketing. He holds a BA.Ed in Education and History from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is a published Poet, a practicing Advert Copywriter, a social media marketing expert, and Influencer. Oops, lest we forget, he loves comedy too and is better known as the Memes master on Twitter where his memes have constantly lightened up the mood of hundreds of thousands of people daily.

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Let’s do this again

Why didn’t you invite me😭

I enjoyed myself. Best tour ever.

Rouvafeeeeeeeee 😆,

The mention of Egusu flanked by two ponmo and fish made me feel like I’ve eaten since 2 months – my mouth don dey salivate already 😂😂😂.

Wow! You guys really knows the definition of work hard, play harder.

No bluffing, but I haven’t had up to 10% of my IB city like y’all just did.

Oloun, it’s good to be famous and ha e money, lol.

Ibadan is actually a very nice place – yet to be fully discovered by many here in Lagos.

And I think if the govt should try and finish the railway leading from Lagos-Ibadan, it’ll launch Ibadan into her full glory.

Yeah, mark my words – IB will become a city that she really is once the railway is completed.

Rounding up, I envy you guys 🙈.

I can’t help it, lol. Love your cooperation and teamwork.

More power to your elbows DMPN guys 😉.


P.S. – God you know I really want to be a part of DMPN, please answer my prayers
Amen. 😊

That’s how they went to enjoy without me ☹️

with all these epistles, you did not bring Amala for us?

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