Top 10 most painful things people dread on Twitter



Twitter is not your regular social media platform where you post stuff and people come liking, commenting and falling at your feat. On Twitter, there is no guarantee whatsoever that your opinions won’t be countered. On Twitter, you thread with caution no matter who you are, even more important is the ability to know when to settle for an L honorably or continue to fight and get served a week’s worth of Ls all at once. (L means Learner). On a general note, here are the top 10 things most Twitter users dread or find annoying.


Note: I asked for contributions on Twitter and in between the points in this post, I’d be embedding some replies from Tweeps, these replies put together makes no 10.


  1. Being the Victim of a mad clap back: one of the most painful things on Twitter should be when you air your innocent opinion, then because of a typo or spelling error, your message comes out the wrong way and a beautiful clap back gets slammed on you. Other times, it could just be that you were feeling stupid and decided to share a controversial opinion, then someone feeling as stupid as you are, comes around to cure your madness. Anyways once you clap back on me and your clap back gains over 100 retweets, Fam, I’m gonna do what is in number two below!


  1. When someone deletes the tweet you clapped back on: this is one case of the bush meat catching the hunter. Let’s say you came across this tweet & was able to give a crazy clap-back that got you several RTs, then you come back later just to realize that the original tweet had been deleted, I mean, your clap-back has just been rendered into a mad punch line hanging in the air, lacking in meaning & purpose with 120RTs. I’ve been a victim of this several times and I can tell you for free that this thing can pain!!!


  1. Arguing with a Pro: if you do not know much about a topic, dear friend don’t go arguing on Twitter. You see, there are so many demons prowling the TL, looking for whom to disgrace through protracted arguments. When you meet such people, they would make a mincemeat of you, as in ‘dem go chop you raw’. A small argument with someone & they start quoting excerpts off books you’ve never heard of in your life, making you seem like an empty skull. So my dear friend, if you’re not conversant with the topic, please don’t engage in an argument on the TL. The kind of ensuing disgrace that comes with it pains to the bone marrow.


  1. Zero retweets on a mad tweet: have you ever dropped what you thought was a fire tweet expecting 100s of RTs & 24 hours later, only your best friend has retweeted? O boy! That thing can pain ehn! you’re damn sure that people can relate with this, you edited it like 4 times before you tweeted and you were confident that it will garner a billion RTs, but 24 hours later, you have just four ‘likes’ and a RT from your best friend. It’s a painful something indeed


  1. Stolen tweet that gets popular: Have someone ever stolen your tweet? Now before you make that angry face, a stolen tweet is not the problem, the real issue is when your stolen tweet gets so popular that it turns the tweet thief into a mini-celeb. Chill, it even gets worse when the original tweet falls into the category of the above-mentioned tweet in no 4. Chai! You’d feel so pained that if it were possible, you’d drag the person to court. Anyways some people still drag their tweet thieves to SDM or TL courts, usually, I’d just swallow my L in peace. Can’t be fighting someone over tweets, it’s never that serious, but it’s very painful though.


  1. Missing out on a fun hashtag: Say the time is 6pm and you decide to have a quick nap them wake by 7pm to surf a bit of Twitter before going to bed later on, but what happens? You wake, grab your phone and the time is 3:40 am. Aye le ooo!! Now to worsen the situation, you scroll through your timeline and start seeing tweets about a fun hashtag that already went down the past evening. I’m certain you won’t find any of those funny tweets funny. There’s a way regrets makes everything sour. So sorry dear, next time, don’t sleep off.


  1. Unreplied DMs from your Crush: ever DMd anyone on the Twitter? Better still, have you ever DMd someone you fancy on Twitter? Say that handsome Dude or pretty Babe with full lips. Now did they read your DM, hollup, did they even reply? Looool. There’s this special kind of pain that comes with having your DM read but not replied, you feel so worthless and….. wish twitter had the ‘retract message’ option. Sorry Mr/Mrs Lover Boy/Girl, you can’t retract messages on Twitter, just chop your L in peace ehn, yes chop it with a cold bottle of Coke. Heard it tastes better that way


  1. When you fall for someone but they don’t ask for your number: say a handsome Dude has been chatting with you only via DM but refuses to ask for your number after 3 months of constant chats, this can be very painful o. You’d just be wishing they could just pop the question every other second, instead they’d keep asking you questions like ‘how are you?’, have you eaten? Have NEPA repaired your transformer? LMAO! issa painful something.


  1. When your rubbish tweet gets RTs, but your business tweets don’t: Personally, this is my story, this song. Every day, I drop funny tweets that doesn’t put money in my pocket, guess what? they get so many retweets that I get tired of seeing the notifications, now fast forward to a promo tweet or a tweet promoting content on my Blog, Twitter people will just act like they just saw an abomination, Fam, no one even bothers to retweet your most important tweets; the ones that puts food on the table. Chai! Dear Tweeps make una try change una ways, na beg I dey beg una


Alright, alright, alright! There it is, 10 most annoying things on Twitter. Now, I forgot to mention those that will read your super funny tweets & refuse to RT, those ones, their hellfire is sure, then those that will always checkout your TL for LOLs, but will never follow you, their reward is with the devil, but you see ehn, if after reading this post, you refuse to either comment or share, the thunder! I mean, the gigantic homo erectus, krungaga krungaga thunder that will fire you, let me not say anything yet, but sha share and comment if you like the post. It’s all love here *smiles*

Favour Onyeoziri

Favour has interests which span across creative writing, advertising, and Digital Marketing. He holds a BA.Ed in Education and History from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is a published Poet, a practicing Advert Copywriter, a social media marketing expert, and Influencer. Oops, lest we forget, he loves comedy too and is better known as the Memes master on Twitter where his memes have constantly lightened up the mood of hundreds of thousands of people daily.

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Lol… Really nice, Ive even been a victim of some of such from u… U berra retweet the tweet of how awesome the blog is sha ooo

Very true and nice points. Twitter is a place where only the strongest survives.

I really understand and can relate to this, Twitter is the King of social media(Only the Intellectual enjoy)

Lovely write up…was expecting to see something about those people that follow you,just to unfollow you days after …like who are you trying to play wayo with na

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