The Chronicles of SARS

SARS an acronym for Special Anti-robbery squad, is suposed to be one of the elite arms of the Nigerian Police force, however in a rather sad twist of events, it has become the direct opposite; a nightmare to the masses, especialy the youths. Going by social media accounts, it is not difficult to discern that once any young person is well-dressed, rides a car or is in possession of a decent mobile phone, He is automatically labelled a criminal by SARS, who would then go ahead to extort him by all means possible. Sometimea they go as far as beating, threatening to shoot or label the individual as a criminal and if all of their antics fail, they do not hesitate to lock you up at a police station, until you pay whatever amount they demanded. Tales of SARS driving people to the nearest ATM abound, it is also no longer news that some of them have POS machines with which one can easily make a transfer to them. Wether the Federal Government through the Police Service Commission and Inspector General of Police is doing anythung about this menace is a question that now abounds on everyone’s lips, even as the answer to it continues to prove more illusive with every passing day. Attached is a collection of eye witness experiences Tweets on the heinous crimes being perpetrated by these members of the Nigerian Police Force

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Favour Onyeoziri

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