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should NYSC be scrapped or not? well, whatever your answer is, just keep it to yourself. This post is really about all the funny scenarios that Prospective and serving Corp members experience, starting from the period of registration and posting till when they eventually pass through camp and deployed to different locations. Keep your fingers crossed, It’s gonna be a very jolly ride



















This is just a few of all the Funny Memes that popped up during the #NYSC trend last Friday, I hope you like them. I also hope you are kind enough to drop a comment in the comment box below. Thank You

Favour Onyeoziri

Favour has interests which span across creative writing, advertising, and Digital Marketing. He holds a BA.Ed in Education and History from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is a published Poet, a practicing Advert Copywriter, a social media marketing expert, and Influencer. Oops, lest we forget, he loves comedy too and is better known as the Memes master on Twitter where his memes have constantly lightened up the mood of hundreds of thousands of people daily.

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haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. people are so mean.

This is awesome.

When you are told that alawee will end after service year and you are like, “Isn’t there NYSC Pension”????

When you promise to go on strike from C.D.S. and PPA because FG din’t increase alawee to N49,800

When you salute GMB for increasing your alawee to N49,800 and promise to be a corper for 2 years if the alawee enters 100k per month and also be a corper forever if alawee reach 200k, only for your friend to come and pour ice water on you and say “babe, you dey sleep by this time of day?”

To think I was here and later got suspended pains me a lot 😫😫😫

Lol. Hahahahaha. Really funny but very true. I see NYSC as suffering accepted in peace by oneself. Smiles#

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