What would your Mum do if you decide to never get married?

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We all know that the dream of a typical African Parent is to see their Grand-Children. That indirectly implies that you as their Child would get married, whether you like it or not. Don’t even think of having Children out of wedlock, that’s even a worse sin. Suffice to say, you must bear them Grand-Children and you must do this within the ambits of a legally recognized union called Marriage.

So I asked people How would your Mum react if you told her you’re never getting Married?






You won’t believe the answers I got. Let’s go through some of them

According to Naija Boy, he would be disowned

For Asikiya, the last time she tried it, it didn’t end well

This response got me rolling on the floor


It seems this Mom will take her on a Church tour

Obviously, some other Mothers believe it’s a spiritual problem, so…


This Mom will give her daughter some malaria medication





This one got me rolling on the floor


So yea, here are some of the reactions I got. It may seem funny, but please don’t ever joke about this especially with your Mum. Some may even faint before you’re done.

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