How long does it take NEPA to fix a faulty transformer?

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The issue of power supply in Nigeria seems to be one that will last till the end of the world. All attempts at change of Nomenclature has yielded the same poor fruits; epileptic power supply. No matter what new names they want to call the power sector, as long as there’s no improvement in power generation, Nigerians will keep calling it NEPA. We ain’t got time to call the same old poor performing structure new, fancy names.

Moving on to the the subject of this post, I came back from work yesterday to the sad news that the Transformer had ‘blown’, so i asked Nigerians how long they think it would take to fix a faulty Transformer? The answers I got have left me shocked and speechless

Hoping against hope, i proffered some very unrealistic options as you can see above, but Nigerians were not going to have any of those bullshit options so they started replying with more realistic ones. There were those who believed it would take months and then some crazy ones believed it could take as much as 7 years. Now I’m absolutely heartbroken. Here’s a look at some of the replies

The Funny Ones









Then there’s the heart breaking answers


This one who claims to be a NEPA staff just shattered all of my hopes















So what do you think? does it really take months and even years to repair a faulty Transformer? am I in for long days of sleepless nights and rumpled shirts? someone please answer, so i can start looking for another accommodation elsewhere


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Bro just try gather your area people together to contribute money because una go dey like for 2years plus without light & before then make una entrust the money give better person to buy better transformer.

Repair…???? hmmm

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