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So last night, we converged on Twitter to share the different individual reasons why we want a car. The responses ranged from the funny, the absurd and the ridiculous. Read on

I can personally relate to this one. Better pay your fare before I make any move


Arghh, Mummy no vex, but my siblings’ dey for house. Please lap your Children, yourself

What an evil soul

This one is looking for whom to kill. Issokay

Arghh, I can so relate to this. Some of these people even correct your grammar when you type the wrong thing

They would just turn somebody to an emergency conductor. Not cool

Hehehe, brother, you’re in for a long ride

Very true! Please just pay for two so you can seat comfortably and save us all the back and forths that will ensue

Osheyy, Johnny Walker, AKA, fast and furious

Sitting close to the window is always cool until it starts raining

One time i was on my waty to work and this bus just tore my Chinos, chai, it wasn’t funny one bit

I heard this is quite recurrent, so sad. Aunty God will give you a Car, so your assets will no longer be accessed without permission

Madam why na, please carry your kaya yourself or better still use the boot

Both of you will fight dirty that day

Damn! you’d hate yourself after that

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

On this note, we come to the end of this post. why are the reasons why you really need a car ASAP? chare your reasons in the comment section below


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