Fanti the proud hen


Every cock in the neighborhood wanted the attention of Fanti. They couldn’t resist her brown and white feathers, she was barely six months old, but she had grown faster than her peers. She was plump and very extroverted, she had maroon eyes and loved to play hide and seek with the male cocks who couldn’t stop admiring her. To further seal Fanti’s position as the most beautiful hen in the neighborhood were the two blue feathers on her tail. These were special God marks, it wasn’t there when she was hatched but had practically grown overnight. At first, everyone thought it was a sort of paint stain, but as time went on, they turned into a really beautiful trademark.

Cliff was a normal cock, he was a little bit shy among strangers and hens, but could be really funny and expressive when at home or in the company of friends. One Sunday afternoon, after the humans had come back from church and discarded the remainders of their lunch, cliff was lucky enough to be in the neighborhood and therefore was the first to arrive on the scene. Soon, Fanti and some other young hens arrived on the scene. Immediately cliff saw Fanti, he was struck with a feeling he couldn’t explain, he compulsively stopped picking at the delicious grains of rice scattered in front of him, all that occupied his mind was the sight of Fanti picking the grains gracefully, and he couldn’t resist the attraction of her two blue feathers. Cliff stood there confused with regards to the next step to take. He knew he was very shy and was not handsome enough to approach Fanti, he had heard countless stories of how the exquisite young hen had turned down advances by more handsome and matured cocks. It was generally rumored that Fanti was still a virgin, her pride won’t let her concede sexual accent to any male.

Cliff, however, mustered a little courage and walked towards Fanti who now turned around and gave him a glance from top to bottom as if assessing if he was even qualified to stand next to her, she never imagined this ugly looking, barefooted cock could muster enough courage to speak to her. She assumed he was just one of those cowardly cocks who only came around to admire her blue feathers but couldn’t mutter a single word for fear of being humiliated.

Koker stood a distance away watching the drama between Fanti and cliff unfold, he watched as Cliff muttered some inaudible words to Fanti, who just stared at him the way a baby chick would stare at her reflection in the water for the first time. Just last week, Koker had been thoroughly humiliated by the egocentric Fanti, unluckily for him, several other hens were gathered when he had gone to ask Fanti out on a date. She seized the opportunity to thoroughly embarrass and disgrace him that he couldn’t come outdoors for a full week. Koker was a smooth talker, a handsome cock who had never been resisted by a hen. He had thought that with his pedigree, he could easily flatter his way into Fanti’s heart, but to his greatest surprise, she had turned him down in the most disgraceful way. After this incident, Koker swore to himself that he would do all in his power to successfully woo Fanti and regain his reputation which she had greatly battered. A week after that encounter, Koker had gathered enough raw grains to buy a full change of clothes, he mused within himself that a set of new clothes could probably wow Fanti and make her change her mind. Today Koker had worn his new outfits and had gone out hoping to run into Fanti one way or the other.

Koker started walking towards Fanti and cliff, when he got closer, Fanti who was already in a bad mood for having been distracted from her lunch looked up at Koker angrily. She stared at his black face cap, then her eyes rested on the fake yellowish gold chain that hung around his neck, she noticed his shirt was new and the ripped jeans were fairly new. She was still frowning, it was obvious that she was totally unimpressed by what she had seen so far, but suddenly both Koker and cliff were surprised, Fanti was staring at Koker’s feet and smiling. Koker and cliff thought she was making a jest of him, then Fanti still smiling looked up and starred Koker in the face, it was obvious now that she was impressed with something. While both cocks were still trying to understand what had gotten the attention of Fanti, Fanti came forward and held Koker in a warm embrace.

Cliff stared at the floor in shame, then suddenly, something colorful caught his attention. Koker was wearing a very beautiful shoe, he had never seen any shoe as beautiful as this before, he made a mental note to ask Koker about the price and location where he bought the shoe. Then he looked up seeing Fanti holding Koker so closely, he realized that the shoe was what broke down Fanti’s walls. Fanti had an eye for fashion and had loved the shoe immediately she saw it. Fanti had fallen in love with Koker because of his Nike shoes.

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