Eating in the dream – a good or bad omen?

One of the mysteries of the world is ‘eating in the dream’. Almost everyone has done this at one point or the other in their lives.

As innocent as this act appears, there are many beliefs surrounding it in every African setting. In some homes, nothing physical, social or spiritual is attached to this while in some, the reverse is the case as it is considered a big deal.

I personally remember one time when I ate in my dream and told my Mum about it. I was subjected to endless fasting and some mountain-tour until I began to wonder if my offence was Murder or just the mere fact that I ate in my dream? The questions that continue to baffle people are; is there really a side effect of this act, be it physical or spiritual because that’s the part we in the FFO association always look forward to? Is there a logic behind the act? Are there any advantages and disadvantages with regards to the act? A research was made via a tweet on Twitter and here are some of the replies that were gotten.

From Spiritual Twitter, it seems the food is a part of an initiation process

Someone I can relate with 😭

This man even brought forward a Biblical reference

From Psychology Twitter, we have this

This guy is saying you’re actually indebted to your servers. Thank them after each meal

It might actually depend on the content of your food according to this man

The question still remains the same, is eating in the dream a blessing or a curse?

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Me too, I’m confused. I’ve eaten in my dream a few times!

Personally, I no care. If I see food I chop!

Me I no chop for dream o…lol

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