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Top 10 most painful things people dread on Twitter

  Twitter is not your regular social media platform where you post stuff and people come liking, commenting and falling at your feat. On Twitter, there is no guarantee whatsoever that your opinions won’t...

Your daily dose of memes

Here are some of the hilarious memes I saw on Twitter today   When you’re eating with your younger sibling and he tries to take the only meat in the plate of food

According to Guys on Twitter, these are the reasons why men cheat

“Why do men cheat?” this is one question that has been over-asked and under-answered. It seems like the more Women ask this question, the more men cheat (so sad). So in a quest to...

7 definite signs that you’re not yet a social media addict

1. You don’t take your phone to the Toilet: If you currently do have the decency to take a dump without seeing it as a golden opportunity to check your social media notifications, then...