5 things that happen when it rains in Nigeria


Rain is a natural phenomenon which everyone expects at some point. Although it could be annoying especially when it pours early in the day and disrupts all your activities, no matter what happens though, Humans shouldn’t call rain a bad omen or maybe I’d just let you decide what to call it after reading this post on events that follow a heavy downpour in Nigeria.

  1. Your Cable TV signal goes off: infarct once the weather gets gloomy and the pre-rain winds sets in, your TV signal starts getting messed up, but immediately the rain itself arrives, just forget about it, no more TV until the rains stop
  2. Poor network reception: I’ve never been able to understand why exactly mobile network signals go off or become next to useless once it starts to rain. Rain is something which network providers should have prepared for ahead of time. Anyways from phone calls, to internet services, once it starts raining, your phone’s mobile network provider becomes useless.
  3. Traffic: Oh well, maybe if you live in Ibadan, Owerri or Abuja, you may not understand what I mean, but for those who reside in Lagos, Rain means you’re about to spend half of the day in traffic. If you’re unlucky enough to have it rain during the early morning rush hours, then you better google ‘how to make a stupid excuse look good’. Your Boss would definitely need some convincing, especially if he makes it to the office before you
  4. Power Failure (Off-NEPA): Although they have changed their name a couple of times, The National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) has maintained their notoriety as one inefficient, inconsiderate and unorganized entity without any conscience whatsoever. Even after changing their name into Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), the body still remains as comatose as it used to be under NEPA. For some strange reasons, they Put-off power whenever it’s raining, can you imagine? Well, it’s true. I have conducted Google searches, asked individuals and researched the possible reasons why a country’s electricity supplier should keep the country in darkness whenever it rains, I haven’t found a concrete answer so far. So if you know why, in the comment section, kindly tell me the reason why NEPA seizes electricity whenever it starts pouring.
  5. Anything: from flooding to the scarcity of public transport, anything can happen when it rains in Nigeria. The resultant flood can sweep your house away, you may get to fight a mini-war before you can board a bus, your can could sink in the flood, your umbrella can be damaged beyond repair, you could be caught off-guard and drenched like god-knows-what. So when it rains in Nigeria, it’s usually safer to prepare for the worst.

So there we go, 5 things that happen when it rains in Nigeria. Do me a favour by sharing any other activity that happens in Nigeria whenever it rains in the comment section. I’d pick the best answer and make it the number 6 of this post.

Favour Onyeoziri

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Your Comment *The mosquito that has been in prison suddenly wake up to wreck havoc when it rain especially here in Lagos

Lol…. For nepa, their wire gets wet thoo… If they bring the light it will make the weather too romantic, so they want to reduce the rate of fornication lol…. *kidding* love the post

loool. you’re not serious at all

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