7 Types of people you should never argue with

We all get into arguments every once in a while, it may be with family, friends or a total stranger in the marketplace or Bus. The joy of engaging in arguments is in winning, but what happens when you walk into an argument that you can’t win? I mean anargument where you are bound to lose no matter how rational your points are?

Here’s a list of 7 people you should never argue with if you value your peace of mind

African Parents: It’s an absolute waste of time and energy arguing with an African Parent, they never admit it when they’re wrong and if you insist, you’ll find yourself washing plate or sweeping the main road

Lecturers: To argue with an African Lecturer is to signup for poor grades. It’s never a wise decision to argue with an African lecturer. Whatever they say is right as far as you want to graduate with that good CGPA you’ve worked so hard to earn

Arsenal fans: I introduce you to the most hopeful set of fans. Always finishing in 4th place, but just say it and they’ll come for you like. Being an Arsenal fan means being a hopeful romantic, year in year out, your club signs a couple of average players and expects to win the league. Never argue with them, their excuses are never far-fetched

Wizkid fans: It is important to note that true Wizkid fans worship him like a Demi-god, he can never do wrong in their eyes, He is a perfect being who lives above criticism and deserves to be revered. Arguing with Wizkid Fans is just like hitting your head against a wall, you’d end up hurting.

Your Boss: Bosses also never admit when they’re wrong, especially if there are people watching. Whatever your Boss says, just keep quiet and never confront Him/Her in public.

Famous Twitter Accounts: Arguing with Famous Twitter accounts also known as Twelebs is a risky thing to do. They always have a way of winning every argument due to their huge number of fans. You may have a better point, but they’ll get a million retweets, and you’ll end up looking stupid.

Feminists: Never argue with a feminist. I won’t say more than this. I don’t have strength to argue

This post was originally curated by @Ikechhi I just added the explanations for more flavour

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