7 things everyone in their twenties miss about their teenage years

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Free Money: If I didn’t start this post with ‘free money’, most of you will get really vexed. From the monies visiting relatives ‘dashed’ you, to the standard pocket money you got from your Parents, those teenage years came with so much free money. Ever imagined how it was easy for you to buy expensive Phones as a jobless undergraduate? Hahaha, Free money mehn, free money

Teenage Romance: OMG! It seems there is a certain sexual anointing that comes with your teenage years. All through high school, you start feeling all mushy when you see a cute member of the opposite sex. For some of you bad boys and girls (I’m a saint o), your romantic life started in JSS, mine took a while longer. In SS1 my heart almost jumped out whenever I saw this Babe ( a story for another day), but teenage romance was so lite!

Boarding school: hmmmn, luckily for me, I was unlucky not to have attended a boarding school. My Dad always wanted me to attend some strict missionary boarding school, but as fate will have it, we couldn’t trace the venue of the entrance exam till today. From stories, however, it seems boarding school is one crazy experience, from the strict school rules to the constant banter between Junior and Senior students. If you attended boarding school, you’d sure miss it for life

Stupid arguments: When you’re young, dependent on parents, with no serious responsibilities and plenty of time to burn, what happens? Stupid arguments fam, very stupid ones like arguing over Messi and Ronaldo or if Drogba’s goal was off-side or not. One time in SS2 we spent over 2 hours arguing if Lil-Wayne was better than some dude whose name I can’t remember at the moment. For Babes, I don’t know what you argue about, but Indian movies and Korean series seems like a good guess, that of-course comes after you’ve argued over who dressed better between….*ok, I give up, I actually have no Idea what y’all argue about*

No ‘Nkechi/Kunle when will you get married’: No, no, no, no, the only questions then were ‘have you done your assignment?’ ‘Have you cleaned the dishes?’ and depending on your house, your Mum may have asked ‘who took two meats from my pot of soup?’. In your twenties however, especially late twenties, marriage questions start creeping in from nowhere. My Mum will be like ‘This one you keep pressing your phone from morning till night, is this how you will handle a wife and Kids when you marry soon’, she has passed her message across o, if you like, pretend like you didn’t catch her drift, na you sabi.

Zero responsibilities, zero worries: This one that someone will have to resume work every morning, get shouted at and have to meet stringent targets at work, nothing like that during those blessed teenage years. You get cared for, when you’re broke, you call some distant uncle in Iyana Ipaja, even if it’s 1k, you will sha manage it. If peradventure you had scaled JAMB and were an undergraduate already, Fam, yo made! Just make a long list of relatives to call whenever you’re broke. Once you graduate however, you’d realize that all those monies were actually debts which the Children of such relatives will demand from you in due time, just chill o, when they get their own admission, your eye go clear.

Free, stress-free accommodation: remember how you used to brag about your Father’s house when you were 14? Like, you can easily invite friends over, talk about the new Flat screen TV your Dad just bought and the likes. Now come back to reality, you’re how old now? Tuwentie-what? 4, 5, 6 or 9? Holup, how comfortable do you feel talking about how your Dad just repainted the house? If you already have your apartment, how does it feel having to pay the rent yourself? Ahan, I gotchaa there! You thought rent was easy ba? You thought Popsy used to just snap his fingers and 3-bedroom rent money will just appear. Sorry dear and for those of us who are still tenants in their Parents’ house, I’m sure just like me, you are an uncomfortable tenant. #BringBackMyTeen *sobs*

Loool, your teenage years are definitely one part of your life you will never forget, no matter how forgetful you are! First kiss, first Love, First time you broke your curfew, teenage years are replete with new feelings and experiences. Sure this miserly list of 7 cannot do justice to those good old days, share with me in the comment section, what part of your teenage years remains evergreen in your mind and if you’re still a teen, what have my fatigued memory left out of the list? Remind me plssssss *I’m waiting for you in the comment section*

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