5 tips for fighting someone stronger than you

Growing up, my Parents were good Christians who taught me good morals, principal among whom was ‘never getting into a fight’. According to them, the best way not to get into a fight was to develop a heart of forgiveness. As I began to grow up, I realised that some fights were inevitable, you just have to fight some fights, especially if it involved someone you could beat up. One had to gain respect on these streets and fighting was one good way to do so (childish me). To break your hearts, I never really got into a lot of fights, I didn’t want anyone’s respect, biko hold your respect and let me hold my good morals. However, overtime, I’ve watched a lot of really good fights and trust me, these 5 tips would work for you if you ever feel like fighting someone stronger than you.

1. know you’re going to lose: I would be frank with you, if you’re going to fight someone that you know is stronger than you, then you might as well have it at the back of your mind that you are going to lose. Except of course if you have charms or some newly acquired karate skills that you wish to use as a secret weapon to knock him out. In the absence of a secret weapon or ‘jazz’, please proceed with caution, you’re about to get your ass whooped.

2. Remember you’ve got a family who loves you: this is very important especially when you’re already getting beaten up by your stronger opponent. Keep fighting, don’t throw in the towel, don’t be a quitter, don’t disgrace your Family, keep fighting, but

3. Don’t wait until you get killed before you call it quits: we all know some opponents can be very brutal. Once they get you on the ground, they just want to pound you to death, my friend, don’t die for nothing. Immediately you notice that your opponent is out to maim or kill you, kindly find a way to abandon the fight and run for your Life, Ruuuuuun!

4. Don’t tell anyone at home: African Parents are always preaching morals and good behaviour, you can’t just break the news of your fight to them. They would descend on you all over again and ask who taught you how to fight whilst disgracing the family name in the process. So, I know you’ve nursed some injuries from the fight, but waiting until later in the evening to boil water and massage your aching waist is an investment that’s way worth it

5. Never admit to anyone that you lost: yea, eventually rumours have a way of filtering into people’s ears. So I’m expecting that in less than a week’s time, rumours of your ass-whooping would have spread like wildfire among your peer group. Everyone of them would have known that you fought, but in the spirit of curiosity they’d still come around to ask for your own account of the story. Don’t do it FAM, don’t accept that you lost! repaint the story, make it glamorous, switch roles. At least if you can’t win in real life, you might as well win the verbal narrative.

That’s it, we have come to the end of this super educative post, yes, I know it’s super educative and entertaining, i don’t even need anyone to tell me. hehehe

What are your opinions, what are your experiences, what extra tip do you have for those who may want to engage in a fight with someone stronger than them? share with us by typing in the comment section below

Favour Onyeoziri

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Lol @ Never admit to anyone that you lost 😂😂😂

I remember how we used to fight this yeye childish fights here & there when we were young.

You dare not got beaten and go home to report to your parents 😄 They just give you round two beatings.

I was once a victim, and after dad had spanked me for being coming home to report that I got beaten, he gave me orientations 😉.

I could still remember how he taught me how to win a fight with anybody… No matter how big or small.

He said, “Deboye, the first person to take an obvious point; i.e. The first person to throw the first blow that the onlookers see clearly will be a winner, if and only if the person quickly use style and run away from the opponent (if he/she is bigger/stronger than me).

So funny huh? 😁 May God rest my dad’s soul, Amen.

Another thing is to always target the opponent’s legs, and grab it so that the opponent will fall down… 😂😂😂

Lots and lots of techniques did I learned, not only from my father, but also from my elder brothers and sisters – yes, my sisters can also fight.

But Favour you bad o 😧 I’ve got my hopes up, looking forward to some amazing fighting tactics but no! BahdGuyFavour 😁

Thanks for taking me down memory lane though 👍.

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