Important habits to make your Nee Year a great experience

Happy New Year Nigerians, have you made your New Year resolutions as usual and to the slay queens and slap people, slay on quick question though, how many of you accomplish your set out...

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The Chronicles of SARS

SARS an acronym for Special Anti-robbery squad, is suposed to be one of the elite arms of the Nigerian Police force, however in a rather sad twist of events, it has become the direct...

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7 Types of people you should never argue with

We all get into arguments every once in a while, it may be with family, friends or a total stranger in the marketplace or Bus. The joy of engaging in arguments is in winning, but...

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Eating in the dream – a good or bad omen?

One of the mysteries of the world is ‘eating in the dream’. Almost everyone has done this at one point or the other in their lives. As innocent as this act appears, there are...

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What would your Mum do if you decide to never get married?

We all know that the dream of a typical African Parent is to see their Grand-Children. That indirectly implies that you as their Child would get married, whether you like it or not. Don’t...

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Girlfriend posts nude pictures of cheating Boyfriend and another lady in bed

In a Social media post on Twitter, a woman by the name Grace Bare has accused her Boyfriend of cheating on Her, According to her, she drove 4 hours to pay him a surprise...


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Funny tweets from the trend #WhyIneedA car

So last night, we converged on Twitter to share the different individual reasons why we want a car. The responses ranged from the funny, the absurd and the ridiculous. Read on I can personally relate...


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How long does it take NEPA to fix a faulty transformer?

The issue of power supply in Nigeria seems to be one that will last till the end of the world. All attempts at change of Nomenclature has yielded the same poor fruits; epileptic power...


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5 not so funny reasons why I need a car soon

For those of us who were not born with a silver spoon, living without a personal car has become a lifestyle, but as one grows older, you begin to get tired of the not-so-comfortable...

NYSC corpers having fun

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Funny comparison of the NYSC experience to life as a prisoner

Here is a post likening the NYSC process for a young Nigerian university/polytechnic graduate to being handed a suspended prison sentence and being assigned to a parole officer to monitor your progress for one...